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I had my closed MRI today which was a very dreadful thing for me to look forward to. Angie the Technician for the MRI provided me with the best customer Service I have ever had. She went above and beyond in providing excellent service, and showed me how much she cared for patients like me. She knew I had Claustrophobia so made things as comoforting for me. I really can't help but give my great experience about her and recommend that she get recognition for her services, dedication and passion for patients.

Mark Pabilona

I started with Dr Wilcox several years ago for a torn minsecus and had surgery it went well then few years later had to have it done again...I am very active and started playing racquet ball again and did so 3 plus days a week beside all the other excersing and bike riding I was doing and then in 2010 had to have surgery again tore the minescus again and had to have it done twice with few months time it went well and then back to my sport and routine I went to only tear the other knee and at the time Dr. Wilcox said the next step will be replacements and the knee just would not get better so I was referred to his partner Dr Kennedy and Dec 1, 2011 I was having my first knee replacement at age 57 the surgery went well but, oh the pain it was just like the dr. said it would be pain and lots of it but, the best thing was the bending machine I would use 2 hours 3 times a day beside starting therapy right away the dr. was very pleased how things went and in 3 months which was March 2012 I had the other one done again the pain was great but, with therapy starting right away it went as well as the first one and am so pleased I had it done I started riding bike again this summer and could ride at least 9 miles a day with alot of days doing it twice. I have learned you got to get them moving and I is so nice to be able to walk again and get up out of a chair and not have that intense pain or having to wait a few minutes to even start walking because of the pain..I think these two doctors are the best they are very straight forward with a person and let you know just how things will go and what to look for after surgery..they are very caring and can't say enough about either of them..I see Dr. Kennedy's assistant Nicole Schiff most of the time for check ups and she is one smart person she is easy to talk to and answers any questions I might have...don't be afraid if they would mention knee replacements it is the best thing I have done although I can't play my racquet ball all I wanted was to ride bike again and that I have back...thank you so much

Angela Phipps

I suffered what is called an "Unhappy Triad" on my knee. I had lived a great deal of my life with an unstable knee never knowing what was wrong. When I injured my knee the last time, I decided to go see Dr. Wilcox. After my surgery, intense physical therapy followed. This was less than 18 months ago. This last weekend, I ran my very first half marathon - free of any knee pain or instability. This is something I never thought I would do - let alone after this type of surgery. Dr. Wilcox and his staff are top notch! I recommend him to anyone that I know! Thank you!!!

Michelle Ashley

This is a testimonial written to praise the professionalism, creativity, and care I received over a 16 month period from September of 2010 through January 2012, from Dr. Robert Martin, Dr. Walter Bernacki, and Dr. Christopher Zochowski. Working in unison they saved my left arm. How thankful I am that these talented Physicians came into my life as I really wasn\'t finished using my arm if it could be prevented.

I broke my arm in September of 2010. The squad took me to Mt. Carmel East emergency room where Dr. Robert Martin happened to be performing surgery. He came to look at my arm. The ulna was completely broken and the radius was dislocated. He performed surgery to repair the breaks. Unfortunately the bones wouldn\'t heal. Radiation therapy for a synovial sarcoma had been done in 1988 and it destroyed the bone marrow. Dr. Martin transplanted marrow from my left leg along with some other product. The healing process began but the titanium rod would not heal over. Dr. Martin sent me to a wound specialist/plastic surgeon, Dr. Walter Bernacki.

Dr. Bernacki\'s first, less invasive surgery, did not have the desired results so he and his partner, Dr. Christopher Zochowski, consulted together to form a new strategy. They both operated on me in November 2011. A latissimus dorsi was attached to feed blood to the skin graft they created. My blood vessels had been adversely affected by the radiation as well. Both physicians attended to my wound dressings while in the hospital. I was then taken to a nursing/rehab facility where my doctors expressly guided my care with dressing changes and antibiotics. The muscle feeding my arm was something many doctors, nurses, students and staff were amazed by and curious to see.

Upon leaving rehab Dr. Zochowski attached a wound vacuum to the wound site. I messed it up before the day was over and he immediately met me at St. Ann\'s to fix the problem. It was December 23rd and he had a new baby. I felt awful he had to leave his family due to my negligence. But he came and was happy to do so.

To aid healing, I was then treated to several weeks of hyperbaric treatments at Grant Hospital. They, too, were wonderful.

I finished with Dr. Martin sending me to physical therapy.

Throughout the entire process these doctors were so vigilant, caring, supportive, and their creative approach saved my arm. Their knowledge and talent was superlative and while they exuded confidence in themselves, they were not arrogant. They laughed and cried with me. I cannot thank them enough.

I have my limb and it works just fine! So many file complaints; I wanted to send accolades!!! These doctors are beyond compare!


                        Trina D. Hennis
                        Retired Teacher/Attorney

Trina D. Hennis

While on my daily a.m. walk on Feb.6th, i fell and fractured my right wrist. I drove myself to St. Ann\'s ER and it was diagnosed as a fracture. I was referred to Dr. Louis and saw him the next day. Several x-rays revealed that surgery with the insertion of a pin and screws was required. Dr. Louis operated on Feb. 24th and I was in the cast until early April followed by therapy. I was pleased with the care I received from Dr. Louis. When he released me on May 2, he said \"call me if you need me.\" Lo and behold, he retired on the 7th. I am sure he has many good memories of his years as a surgeon. His personality made each visit a pleasure. Chris was most efficient as his assistant. I am sure Dr. Louis will be missed. Thanks to good therapy and continued home exercises, the wrist is coming along. It seems to feel a bit better each day.

Barbara Fischer

In July of 2011 I had total knee replacement surgery of my left knee. My Surgeon, Dr. Kennedy, performed the surgery. I will admit the first couple of weeks were a little difficult due to the swelling, bruising and physical therapy. I was able to manage the pain very well and within three weeks I was walking with the help of a cane but only when I left the house. I did not need to use even a cane at home. My family and friends were amazed by my speedy recovery. Now I can go for walks or go shopping and I no longer have pain in my knee. I would never want to have the pre-surgery pain I suffered again.

Pam Hilton

My initial visit was in 2006. I had been having hip pain for about a year. It was so bad, that when I'd stand up my hip would pop and snap and hurt so bad that I'd cry out in pain. I saw my rheumatologist and she took one look at my xray and told me she couldn't do anything for me, that I needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon, my hip was the worst she'd seen, she told me. I remembered Dr. Briggs had done my mother's hip and shoulder replacements several years prior to that. I asked a nurse friend of mine who she recommended and she said "Dr Briggs is the best". So I saw Dr Briggs early in 2006 and he immediately recommended that I have a total hip replacement. He was very kind and thorough and even showed my husband and I my xrays and pointed out what was wrong and how he intended to fix it. My surgery was scheduled for Feb. 2006. The surgery went well, they had me up and walking that evening. It wasn't easy, I had to have a blood transfusion because I was anemic, I also have PD and prior back surgery so I had alot of other things to deal with. But the hip itself hurt hardly at all. PT came to my room and I learned how to move and not to move, how to get up and sit down, and exercises to strengthen my hip. After I went home my recovery was fast, my husband told me several times I needed to slow down and not do too much. But I was feeling so much better I wanted to be up and doing all the things I hadn't been able to do. When I was able to I returned to the ymca pool to the water aerobics class that I'd had to quit months ago, due to the pain. Several months later, my left hip started to hurt, and it quickly deteriorated to the point that I went back to Dr Briggs and he gave me the bad news that I would need surgery on it soon too. Let me make it clear, he never told me I had to have surgery, he told me that when I couldn't stand the pain any longer, when I was ready for the surgery they'd schedule. So in December right after Christmas 2006, I had my left hip replaced. It went even better than the first, because I'd been there before and knew what to expect and I knew what I had to do. I feel I have a much better quality of life now than before the surgeries. Before I had a lot of pain in my hips, I would wake up in pain during the night, I had trouble sitting down and getting back up. I would highly recommend Cardinal Orthopedics to anyone who needs orthopedic care. Since my surgery Dr. Briggs has retired. Last year Dr Feibel did surgery on my ankle, and I've seen a spine specialist there also. They are all great caring doctors.

Ruth Johnson

After my initial visit, I scheduled my hip repacement surgery for Feb. 22nd, 2012. I was the first person operated on that day at Mt. Carmel East. I was up and out of bed by 1:00 P.M. and walked across the room. I returned home Friday the 24th of Feb. and did in-home rehab. with a therapist three days a week for three weeks. I continued these exercises and began walking outdoors further and further until I could walk 1 1/2 miles. I saw Doctor Chambers after 7 weeks of recovery and he gave me the OK to try and play golf again. I travelled to the driving range the next day and did quite well. It was easier than I would have imagined. I played my first round of golf on Tuesday April 17th and have worked up to three time a week at present.

I am thrilled with my excellent recovery and would like to thank Dr. Bryan Chambers for his excellent care and skill as a surgeon.

Sincerely, John Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth

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